Team Coaching

One of the foundations of high-performing organizations is the ability to create and sustain successful teams. However, placing people in the same room and calling them a team does not make them one. We all know from personal experience that not all teams are effective. In fact, most teams are less effective than they could be.

Our Take On Teams

  • Teams only become high-performing if the patterns of behaviour between individuals change. A combination of individual and team coaching is the best way to ensure that this happens.

  • Change starts at the top. If the team leader does not change, nobody changes.

  • To change behaviours, mindsets need to be shifted.

  • Success begins with strong diagnostics.

  • Organizations that  focus on both Performance (e.g. the financial outcomes required) and Health (how the top team and the organization align, execute and renew themselves) “produce three times more EBITDA than their competitorsMcKinsey

What it takes from you and your team:

  • A commitment to give the time: one-off events can create a temporary spike in performance but generally have minimal lasting impact. We work with teams over a 6-12-month team journey.

  • Full alignment:  Role modelling change is one of the typical blind spots of leaders. As a team leader you need to commit to a developmental journey yourself and all members of the team must be prepared to adapt, develop and hold themselves and each other accountable.

  • An open, honest partnership with us. Developing a relationship that is supportive and challenging in both directions. We rely on your on-going feedback throughout the process to ensure we remain aligned and flexible to your needs.

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