Lynn Harris answers the question of why there are so few women in positions of senior leadership, and provides pragmatic advice and professional development for women leaders. Clearly written and convincingly told, Unwritten Rules explodes the leadership myths prevalent in the workplace today, and provides women with essential information to make informed choices about their careers and how to lead. Based on the most recent research, Unwritten Rules explores the specific challenges faced by women leaders and what it takes for them to succeed within the current leadership model.

Unwritten Rules provides pragmatic professional development advice for all women leaders: how to strategically influence in a way that minimizes gender stereotyping’ how to conduct due diligence on an organization to ensure it provides an environment in which women can succeed; how to build strategic professional relationships and why mentoring and coaching is so important; and, most important, how women can lead authentically and be true to themselves within the context of the Unwritten Rules.

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The Power of Doubt

This article is set within the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Its purpose is to challenge the established wisdom that leaders need to be confident and certain, and instead, encourage leaders to embrace a power of doubt mindset as a basis for better decision-making and creativity.

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