Half-day training sessions that help create a learning culture and build essential skills, without taking too much time away from the business.

Leader as Coach

Part of every leader’s responsibility is to increase capacity through coaching and developing their people. If we fail to do this, we have an over-reliance on our leaders and a lack of bench- strength throughout the organization. This masterclass is designed in two 4-hour sessions. The first equips leaders with the skills and tools needed to have effective coaching conversations. After a short period of experimentation back in the business, the second masterclass addresses challenges and deepens skills to enable leaders to make coaching an everyday practice.


Crucial Conversations

Getting work done with other people sometimes requires us to have honest and challenging conversations. If we avoid these conversations, situations deteriorate and have an adverse impact on people and the business. This 4-hour masterclass equips leaders with the skills and a simple structure to have direct and honest conversations and, at the same time, build good working relationships.


Levels of Thinking

Leaders are consistently faced with paradoxical problems. They might need to reduce cost and improve customer service; or reach a global network while also servicing local needs. The ability to generate creative solutions to such seemingly contradictory challenges is a potential competitive advantage for any organization. This 4-hour masterclass introduces four levels of thinking that help leaders become aware of how their current thinking keeps them stuck, and how moving to a different level can unlock the paradox to create innovative solutions.


Running Effective Meetings

Leaders invest an enormous amount of time and energy in running and attending meetings.  Many of them complain about the quality and relevance of these meetings. One option is to have fewer meetings. Another is to ensure that the meetings you do have are effective and valuable. During this 4-hour masterclass, your leaders will learn how to construct and run meetings that people want to attend, and which add value to the business.


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